Deuteronomy 31:6

“Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble in dread before them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not fail you or abandon you.”


When our hearts have a constancy of overflow with the love of God, we will then truly being living. He will aid us, guide us, support us, allow confiding ears to hear, and deliver grace when our bodies fall short of his perfect image. He will not fail and he will not abandon us in the midst of our seasons. He is a promise of constant pursuance and of infinite grace and relentless love. He wants your heart and will stop at nothing to have it align to his. He will dismantle traps the devil has set for you by provision that you may never have known that you needed. He will empower you to have the same forgiveness that he gives you to those who surround you. The greatest feeling is knowing that when times are rough, you have the greatest ally imaginable at your helm, proving words of encouragement to fight fervently against folly of fear.


A lot of times we assume that with strength and confidence we should pursue things within the world that may generate fear or dismay within us and we forget that an area where we must demonstrate true strength, courage, and confidence is in our pursuit of our loving God. It is very easy to understand the Love of God in moments where the sun shines and the clouds are seen only at a great distance. When the sun sinks beneath the horizon we return to old habits. We allow ourselves become overrun with doubt and in times where we should move with confidence and in doing that we often forget about the love and grace God provides to us. We forget that He set us in these circumstances to allow us to overcome them and allow others to see the heart of God in through our response. In finding the strength to be relentless with God in times of joy and delight, as well as times of darkness and plight, will allow us to create an understanding of the world around us, of the imperfection in the world, and will allow us the grace to forgive and overcome it with the end goal in mind not to build a legacy on earth, but to build a future in heaven.



God you have made our ears to hear and our eyes see. You have made our skin to feel, but its funny because it is with an open heart that I truly feel you. Lord I come to you not to ask a thing of you, but to decree extreme gratitude on the life that you've provided me so far. Thank you for the moments I get to make with the ones whom I love. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make tremendous mistakes because they have helped built me. Thank you Lord for the lessons that were easy and for the lessons learnt hard. Today is yours, Tomorrow is Yours, Lord I am yours. Amen.